Coast Motors - Our History

In 1985, Van and Heidi Wilson decided to move to the Central Coast. They relocated to Santa Maria, a very small and quiet town back then; perfect for raising their daughters. Moving to the Central Coast was an easy choice. Besides the good weather and laid-back vibe, Heidi’s father recently moved to the area to start a flower and artichoke farm in Lompoc. Aside from juggling the children, 4-H classes, sports, etc., Heidi went to work for her father and started selling flowers at the local farmers markets. Van went to work for a small car lot in Santa Maria. He always had a flair for cars. They worked hard to get established in the community. Every penny they made went towards the goal of one day having their own family run, honest car dealership right here in the Central Coast.

Three years later, in 1988, the Wilson’s dream finally came true and they opened Coast Motors on Grand Avenue in Arroyo Grande.  They started with five cars, three of the cars were Heidi’s dads. Thank goodness for family. Not much to start with, but they worked very hard to grow a reputable business. Van worked every day and weekends. The girls would spend Saturday at the car lot with their dad, spraying each other with the hose, chomping on donuts, playing in one of those little pools, having a fun time at the car lot.

30 years later, Coast Motors has indeed grown and the same business values instilled in 1988 still stand – being honest and friendly. Having a good reputation is extremely important to Coast Motors. All vehicles are safety inspected, staff are very friendly. Serving  fellow locals the way they would like to be served.